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We want to help you to understand better the terminology of the this form, and we have created the examples below.

+ - Menu

Menu – Number of pages

We refer to both main and secondary pages to complete the site’s basic architecture.

Exemplu Meniu

+ - Home Page Slider

Slider Animation

The slider is the element that captures the visitor’s attention and through which you can send a quick, impact message to them.

A slider can contain photo and video media, text or various animations.

Exemplu Slider

+ - Contact Form

Contact Form

It is a simple and quick contact method for visitors. They complete the form, click on the “Send” button, and you receive the information via e-mail.

Exemplu Formular de contact

+ - Google Map

Google Map Integration

It is used to inform visitors about the location where your business has its headquarters, work point, warehouse, etc.

Exemplu Harta