Frequent questions


What are the steps in carrying out a project?

Analysis and establishment of its terms and conditions;
Signing the contract;
Delivery of materials by the beneficiary for their processing (if applicable);
Implementation and testing of functionalities;
Training of the future administrator (if applicable);
Teaching and publishing online.


What guarantees do I have?

The project guarantee is offered in the form of Maintenance (maintenance) for a certain contractual period established by mutual agreement with the client and is included in the cost of its development and implementation.


How long does it take to make a site?

The implementation / delivery term is generated after a thorough analysis is performed, following which the necessary steps and the structure of the project will be established. In general, the implementation deadline per project is 20 working days.


What technologies do we use?

Depending on the project, we use different implementation technologies. We are flexible and the decision is made according to the client's needs. We use a wide range of CMS (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc.) for a good subsequent administration by the client, but we also make custom made platforms for our clients.


Can I change the site later?

Of course! All sites we create allow you to make subsequent changes to your content through an intuitive admin panel.


How much does a site cost?

Realizing web projects is a very complex operation and can be quantified in money only after a clear analysis of what the client wants. That is why we advise you to contact us to establish a concrete offer.


What does Hosting and Domain mean?

Hosting is a virtual space where you will find your site files and e-mail addresses. The domain is a form name " /.com/.org/etc" which will represent the name of the site and through which your visitors will be able to find you.


What is a Presentation Site?

The presentation site is the way you can expose yourself to customers. By creating a presentation site you can provide the necessary information about your business, the services and products you offer, your skills or other relevant information. The presentation site is the image with which a customer remains about the company, so this site must have a strong and pleasant visual impact.


What is an Online Store?

The online store is a site that aims to sell products or services. It provides users with the ability to access product information, descriptions, reviews from other consumers. The user can order and / or buy products, all through the online store.


How do I monitor who accesses my site?

All sites we build have traffic monitoring platforms integrated through Google Analytics and HeatMap. They give you the opportunity to collect complex information about your visitors, after which you can knowingly manage your promotion budget.