Problemele, sanse deghizate saWEB

Problemele sunt, adesea, sanse deghizate.

Like any start-up, everydays worries are often overwhelming. If, until now the major worries we had were … simple “everyday worries”, now any word, article posted, has to mean something. I strongly believe that we attract to us people who resemble us, who have broadly the same principles of life. Though, IT business seem rigid from the outside, but I want that any online project that we create to convey their clients’ emotions, energy and strength. Challenges are getting bigger and, most of the time, the first instinct is to consider these challenges -> issues.


Provocari saWEB


Something like that happened just 2 days ago, when the day’s challenge … came from a client of ours. Let’s build a landing page – someday – with the winter promotion. At first glance it does not seem extraordinary, nor is it. Perceived from our perspective, the challenge was almost impossible to achieve. But it motivated us to focus more and organize ourselves better. Although at first we were sure we would not complete this task, today at 8:00 this morning, the project was online, functional and exactly as the customer wanted.



Pfiu … what a relief.

But what lesson we’ve learned!


For us the end of the week brought even more enthusiasm, and much more confidence in our own forces. We grow easy, healthy and safe, and for this we want to thank our clients for trusting us to launch such challenges.

I wish you an inspirational weekend and leave you here the wonderful project 🙂



Davos promotii


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