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Recommendations for entrepreneurs from Andy Szekely

Andy Szekely, is the creator of the first Romanian-language training license in our country – Strong business persuasion – communication and influence strategies for sellers and managers. We strongly believe that we need models like Andy in order to achieve greatness in our careerers and personal skills.

“Culture first – after strategy!” – is the starting point for the discussion today.

My guest today manages to get closer to people by his way of being: sincere and charismatic. This opening has helped build what you see today: a strong brand, a successful business, and an effective way to help entire communities.


“There is a moment in your entrepreneurial life when you have no strategy and you know where you want to go unless you have built a solid culture before in your organization.

First, culture – after strategy!

It is very tempting for an entrepreneur to reveal itself in opportunities, because that is actually the entrepreneurial spirit. Identify opportunities where others see problems, and act to make it profitable. The problem is that the entrepreneur tends to act too fast without having the ground ready. It’s like being a gardener and throwing top quality seeds on unpaved land, unprepared.


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This does not mean that when starting a business it is not good to focus on making money, but when your team grows, you need to change the order of priorities. The construction of the organizational culture comes before fruitioning the opportunities.

The most majority of entrepreneurs feel at one time stuck. They feel frustrated especially because they know where they want to go, but they feel that they do not get their resources, or that the team does not understand them or does not follow them and does not help them well enough.

So start by making some money by taking advantage of some opportunities to put your brakes and start the construction.

You start by establishing conduct rules, analyzing whether colorful language is allowed, or rather polite language, and advocating the second option after going through both, or how important punctuality is in your company. What do you mean by keywords in your organization? Do they have the same definition as yourself for words like profit, responsibility or respect? Calibrating your language, environment and behaviors builds your company culture.


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It’s hard to invest in courses, to learn strategies, if you can not manage your clients and if you have not created the team culture that allows you to exploit the opportunities discovered.

This stage is the construction or creation of the cultural organization, and I believe that any entrepreneur, sooner or later, intuitively if not through mentoring, comes to that conclusion.
It is much healthier to reach this conclusion as quickly as possible, especially as this construction is not cumbersome.

With some well-defined steps, it is rather a process of simple things to do, than philosophical actions (workshops on values ​​or company values ​​written with gold letters in marble :)).

For the next year, you will need to start focusing on things that are really important, not the urgent ones.

The key is to have a group that takes 80-90% of what you have to do.
Only then will you manage to mature your business.




Thanks Andy, for this valuable information!

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